Just another day. 

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this entry. 

I am currently SO restless. I don’t know what I want to do with myself. I’m so overwhelmed right now with those “loud thoughts” that I mentioned in my last post. Loud, racing thoughts. 

My downstairs neighbors aren’t helping right now. They’re being SO loud. Their life noise and the noise in my own head is just too much. I have my earbuds in, music is loud, but it’s still not loud enough to drown out the jumbled mess that is my mind. 

I am STRUGGLING to type this entry. If I try too hard though, it will be unintelligible. I’m trying to break down things in my head into simple sentences. 

I see my therapist tomorrow. But by then, my mind will be more quiet. An hour session is not long enough.

Moments like these are when I ask myself why I don’t just vlog. I can mostly vocally articulate the thoughts in my mind. The vlogs would be ever so ranty, lol, but it’s easier for me to process the things in my head when I speak . 

Sigh. I think I’m just going to end this pointless entry because I can’t focus AT ALL. I’d love to go to bed but it’s not even 9 o’clock and I’ll end up laying in bed for two hours before falling asleep. Ugh. 



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